Insurance Claims & Disaster Restoration

Insurance Claim Assistance

We provide one-on-one personalized assistance throughout each step of your claim process, including on-site inspections and damage assessment with adjusters.We take care of the hassles associated with dealing with insurance companies. All supplements for claims, phone and email correspondence and invoicing is handled on our end. Sit back and relax! Let our pros handle your insurance claim and enjoy first class service accompanied with quality craftsmanship.Reliable Builders LLC. wants be your contractor of choice for your next insurance claim. Our commitment to excellent customer service and second to none craftsmanship sets us apart from our competitors.Your claim will be assigned to an adjuster. He or she will contact you within a few days to set up an inspection date and time. We recommend a representative of Reliable Builders LLC. be present at the time of this inspection. This is important to ensure your damage is properly assessed and the scope of the repairs is current with market pricing.Once the adjusters summary of repairs is prepared, a copy of the claim settlement will be sent to you. This is an itemized breakdown and estimated cost of the actual repairs. Reliable Builders LLC. will review this information's accuracy.

Steps for insurance Claims

  1. Call Reliable Builders LLC. and have us come out to inspect your roof, gutters, siding and windows ETC. for damage. We will do this for free and give you an honest assessment of the damage. If there is no damage, then you need go no further.

  2. Review your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you are covered, what type of policy you have (replacement value or actual value), and the amount of your deductible. A replacement value policy pays for total replacement and an actual value policy pays only for what your roof is worth after depreciation is subtracted. Obviously, your deductible is the amount that you agreed to pay (self-insure) in the case of a damage claim.

  3. Call your insurance company or agent and let them know that you had a local contractor inspection and that they should send an adjuster out to inspect your damage.

  4. Have your contractor present for the adjustor’s inspection. Although this is not required, the contractor is there to represent you and your interests. Reliable Builders can make sure that all damage is recorded correctly.

  5. A damage report (insurance scope) will be given to you or mailed to you by your adjuster. This report will detail all damages and the dollar amounts attached to them.

*A check for the actual value (ACV) minus your deductible will be given to you either immediately or mailed to you after damage levels are determined. The first check will have your deductible subtracted as you are expected to pay this amount as per your homeowners policy agreement. Your damages will be split into actual value (ACV), depreciated cost value (DCV) and replacement cost value (RCV). (ACV + DCV = RCV) The first check may cover all damages if your total claim falls under your insurance company's threshold for total payment. Usually, the final check which covers the recoverable depreciation is released after your contractor(s) invoice your insurance company proving that all work has been completed.

Pay your contractor(s) for work performed as agreed to in the work order.IMPORTANT: A reliable contractor will not ask for money up front! Once you are satisfied with the work performed you may simply endorse the first check (have your mortgage company endorse the check if applicable) and give it to your contractor. The contractor will invoice your insurance company for the total job and the insurance company will release the balance of funds for the job. Once the second check is received and endorsed or deposited, call your contractor to come pick up the balance owed plus your deductible.

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