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5 Signs You May Need A New Roof

It’s not always easy to know when you might need a roof replacement because checking your roof on a regular basis isn’t something many of us do. Because of its location, it can be hard to check your roof, so many of us just assume that our roofs are okay until we spot damage or leaks. By then, though, it’s often too late to make the necessary repairs.

Partaking in frequent maintenance checks and cleaning your roof should be done at least twice a year so that you can locate the early signs of damage and make repairs. However, many homeowners don’t have the time to do this and leave their roof to its own devices.

Replacing a roof can be heavy on the pocket, but the advantages of a roof replacement often outweigh the initial costs. Not only are you future-proofing your home, but you’re ensuring that your property is warm, safe and comfortable for your family.

Below are five classic and fool-proof signs that your roof could be in need of replacement.

1.    Leaks, water damage and sagging

Leaks, water damage and sagging are best assessed in the attic or loft, as this is the space where you’ll be most likely to see them. All of these problems have one factor in common – and that’s water. Once water seeps through a crack or a hole in your roof, you’ll notice signs such as watermarks and stains on your walls, ceiling and roof. Dark areas or trails mean that mould has already formed on the infected areas, and that these structures could be rotting.

Roofing leaks and water damage can also be spotted on floors as water patches; dry patches signal old stains and leaks, while fresh water leaks indicate new damage. Sagging means that the structure of your roof has caved in and gave way, which could be due to long-term exposure to water, creating moisture and weakening the area.

2.     Light pollution

 If you can spot light coming in from your roof, then there’s a chance that you have a crack or hole in your roof – and that will require immediate attention. Go up on your roof to check the cracks, and try to assess if repairs are going to be enough or if a replacement is already needed. Even just small rays of light could be a sign of a bigger problem, so once you notice it, make sure to check it right away and seek the help of a professional roofing company.

The best time of the day to go up on your roof is around sunset, as light will still be coming in, but your loft interior will be dark enough for you to see the rays of light.

3.     Mold, moss growth and rotting underlay

 Water and moisture is also another common sign that you may need a new roof. If your roof has been exposed to frequent and consistent moisture and cold, mold and moss can grow and cause damage to the structure of your roof. When this situation goes unnoticed and untreated for extended periods, the underlay of the roof will rot and, in turn, weaken the foundation of your roofing.

4.     Damaged flashing around chimneys and vents

Flashing is used for chimneys, vents and other structures that protrude from your roof, and is designed to divert water away from the structures to prevent leaks and damage. Flashing is usually made up of galvanized steel or aluminium. If your flashing is already damaged, it may have been because the caulking under the flashing has already dried out, or because the material has simply deteriorated due to oxidation or the weather. With your flashing damaged, water will be able to seep in, causing leaks and surrounding materials to weaken.

5.     Age of the roof

The age of your roof will affect damage, and parts may need repairing or replacing depending on which material was used. There is no hard number as to what age is best to replace your roof, as some materials last longer than others, some installation procedures are better than others, and some homeowners are better at maintaining their roofs than others. However, just like anything else in life, age weakens materials, so if your house is old, it will be more likely for your roof will need a replacement.

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